Thursday, February 19, 2009


Oh DATES! haha I laugh because Dates are not something I am used to going on or participating in but I must say I love them! This Date was back around my Birthday and I went with my friend Zach! Zach is fella who I met way back in 7th grade! We had to part in 8th grade because Zach decided he wanted to be home schooled (Lame!) don't tell him I said that, But ya so as we got older he and I both played sports like Softball and Baseball so we were both able to keep in touch through that. So for our date we went to the driving range, and P.S. I love the driving range! It is the one sport that I play left handed so I enjoy it so much! 

SO when we went, one thing Zach and I like to do is compete! And to my lack of knowledge he has never been golfing before, so his first swing he swung back... then forward.. and on the forward swing he let go of his club! It literally went soaring 50 feet in the air and ended up pretty distant from us.. You know when your say "Four" you usually look so a this case it was a club! I was rolling on the floor laughing because I thought he did it by accident, but when he said he was so serious and didn't mean to, it is even more funny! So that was just out date but I enjoy this fella! He is one friend who always bickers with me and I love it, Weird huh! But I hope some of you have had some memorable dates, I think they make future potential dates seem like they will be exciting too! 

And then there was one!

AND then there was ONE! Kendall Clark, Now Elder Clark as I would like to call him! For anyone who has read recent posts, you know that I love my Missionaries! I never thought the day would come when I had to say goodbye to my Last Best Guy friend. Kendall left Monday February 16th to go and serve a mission for the Church we both belong to. He was called to Labor in the Conception Chile Mission and will return February 2011! Wow that seems like a crazy long time but it will be well worth it when he gets home! Plus we promised we will be awesome pen pal buddies throughout his duration as much as we can! Don't worry because yes I have already written him on dear elder because I missed him! Pathetic, yes I know, but he was a good friend and it happens!

Kendall and I have had many fun memories together! Two of the most memorable times are depicted below. The first picture is of Kendall and I in Washington D.C. when we went for Close-up Club my senior, his junior year. We went to D.C. for a week, the night after prom and had the best time ever! We got to see tons of sites and museums and all that kind of stuff! This picture was taken while we were waiting to meet Senator Flake. 
The Second Picture was at Sadies in the 80's in 2007. I decided to take my dear friend to Sadies because no one loved the 80's more than Kendall and I knew we would have a rockin time! Kendall suggested that we be 80' rockers so we did and had the best time ever!! Can you see the Crimped hair on me.. Yeah, I had my whole head done and it was my favorite hairstyle I think of any dance! 

SO many great Memories, in so little time! It is always sad letting go of friends, but I think we all need to grow in different ways, and this is one way where I think we can both grow and mature and becomes our optimal selves for a short time! Good Luck My Kendall! You Will be amazing, I have no doubts! :)