Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Twilight! <3

Of course I bet there have been millions of posts on the new released movie Twilight, and yes I was one who followed the crowd of being in line for the midnight showing. And... Yes I am one of the silly obsessed girls who got a shirt even, that said " I love Edward" Because lets face it, I do.. Twilight as a book was amazing, words cannot not describe how much I enjoyed reading those books. However the movie, surprisingly was good as well. But I think I like them both as a separate good thing. I try not to compare because everyone know the books will never compare to the movies but I did love the movie. And yes, I have seen it two times so far.. And yes, I still want to see it again.. But will I...? I don't even know.. But the consensus is in... and Edward + Ray Ban Sunglasses= BEAUTIFUL.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


HALLOWEEN is such a fun holiday.. although honestly I have never really known why we celebrate it until this year, I have always enjoyed it. Picking out a costume is always so stressful! I have to say I am not a creative thinker when it comes to Halloween costumes. This year my toss up was going to be between a cowgirl.. again.. or an 80's girl.. But my final decision was so different. I decided to be a Fairy! However... when going to a parties for Halloween, people thought of other names to call my so called cute outfit. Such as: Devil Fairy.. or Seductress.. I don't even know how to be seductive, how could I ever be a Seductress? Random.. But I guess some would've made those kinds of judgments based on the attire of my costume. I wore a red dress, black wings, fishnet pantie hose, and Black heels. Your up to your own interpretation.. But i was meant to be a FAIRY :) I hope you had a great Halloween, because I sure did, but it would've been better if I would have been able to feel my feet at the end of the night :( Until next year....

P.S. - Note to self.. No wings next time, hitting almost 1000 people is not fun :)

FAIR !! :)

SO last month I conquered one of my fears! I do not have many fears that I will openly admit, but one that I do is my fear of heights, and Roller coasters! Someone may think that these two things are supposed to be fun, and are supposed to a thrill. True.. But definitely not for me! I am the biggest chicken when it comes to anything with my body leaving the ground and not knowing if when I get down it will still be as composed as it was before. So.. this past October a group of friends and I went to the State Fair. (By the way it was only my second time attending the fair, and the first was a week earlier at the amazing Weezer concert held there). Needless to say I was hesitant to go because of my great fear.. As we walked into the fair we saw fancy enormous elephants and a dancing monkey like you see on children movies... so i thought to myself, Hey this wont be so bad.. Wrong... We got our wrist bands and went in line for the first ride.. I almost talked myself out of going on it.. But peer pressure gets me every time! The whole time on the ride I screamed and closed my eyes like a little baby! Pathetic... Ya I am... But any who by the end of the night I learned to keep my eyes open and I ended up going on EVERY ride!! Except for the last one that I knew would put me in Cardiac Arrest if I even attempted it! So Overall the fair was so fun, and I came out of it feeling a little bit stronger towards my fear of heights!

Friday, October 24, 2008


I sometimes never think that school is going to end! One week in one week out, just as things seem to be lightening up.. then always seen to get harder! This semester I am a Sophomore at ASU and I am majoring in nursing. I love what I am studying, but seriously can't wait for it to be over. One of the biggest trials I come to face while in college is stress!! I feel like when I do actually try hard for a class and study my butt off and STILL get a C or D on a test.. my world crumbles! It is almost defeating to myself to think that I could actually continue on in school.. But then I have little reminders that help me believe that I can indeed keep carrying on in my college endeavor. For instance.. Institute! I love going to institute everyday, although consequently I did sign up for the exta class to have parking (guilty) but it turns out I love having Institute. In my Teaching of the Living Prophets class we recently studied Elder Wirthlin, and one of his talks he gave in the October 2001 Conference talked about, Be the best us, and to not compare ourselves to one another. This statement alone has helped me to see that no matter if every one of my friends is doing better than I am in my classes that the Lord can indeed help me, but only if I do all that I can and then rely on him. So school although tough at times seems to have renewing faiths that help me endure my semesters!

Friday, September 19, 2008


So recently I have been having bad trouble with my car, Sally. I love Sally, she has been faithful and caring my whole 2 years of being with her. But recently Sally is going down the drain. The first problem I had was like 2 months ago, just rough shifting.. That progressed into really really rough shifting which = transmission... No Bueno.. This lead to an incident that I will never forget. I was traveling home from a friends house and I was turning right onto university from horne. As i was turning my car RANDOMLY shut off completely and went into distress, or " Lock up Mode" My car then progressed to go into the other lane of traffic, oh ya know on the other side of the road... So I pulled the wheele super hard and managed to get into the turning lane. There I shut off my car and started it again.. Then I continued on my merry way.. Odd.. Weird.. and Scary! SO now my car shuts off randomly whenever it wants. And this past week my battery totally died and I was stranded at Walgreens in the hood.. No Dad or sister to come help so my dads friend came to give me a jump... Needless to say I bawled my eyes out because I thought this was the last straw in my cars intolerableness. Sally certainly has a mind of her own. So since these recent incidents have been occurring so frequently I have been in the market of looking for a new car. My dream car.. Although may be funny to some, it is adorable to me is..

However, My dad will not let me get one... One day though I will own one, Pink even! A girl can always hope right! :)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

"Oh... Ok.." "Ya You Are Welcome..." CALIFORNIA TRIP!

I must say, One of my most favorite places in the world to be is in California! The weather is inexplainibly beautiful, the guys are smokin with surfing goodness, the beach is always waiting to be laid upon, and the Sun is beaming... Wanting to put a golden brown coat of wonderful on everyone! ( thats if you are not fair skinned, if so then lobster would be the color for you!) My Labor day weekend was full of fun filled happiness! Myself and three girl friends went to California for a nice get away due to the recent week of school starting back up again! And also to celebrate Labor Day with a full weekend of funness not sweatness! So of the things we did included playing Volleyball on the Beach, Shopping, Laying out, Taking TONS of pictures! :), Dinner, Tanning.. And Car RiDES! I must say this was my funnest trips of being in a car for 5 hours! I dont know if I was just loopy or tired, but I had non stop energy always in the car, from the time we left until the time we arrived home! I had some interesting pictures taken of me making awful faces too but they will no be shown here. We also listened to the same CD maybe.. oh 10 times at least! We had like theme songs for this trip along with quoted lines from a You tube video that we all think is hilarious! "EVON.. Thats a FRENCH NAME EVON.." "Oh.... OK....." "YA YOU ARE WELCOME.." "KIM BA LEE KIM BA LEE.., You got a beautiful face girl, ya you got a beautiful face!" It was so great getting away for the weekend! I love trips!

Ok so my eyes are shut to make a point. I got a black eye on this trip, Everyone said it looks like eye shadow.. I dont think i would put it on one eye only even if it was.
you cannot see it very well here, but I did get a black eye while on this trip, and it hurt! Real Bad! I got it from playing in the ocean with kylie, I went to pick her up and I tripped over the inconceiveable ocean salt water. I fell backward along with kylie, she proceeded to "accidently" elbow me in my eye. Hence creating Quazi Moto on my eye. It was super swollen the first day but now I go to school and people ask about my eyeshadow.. Oh another fact, The day after I got my creation emily hit me "accidently" once more in the SAME EYE! What luck, Amazing luck thats all I day! I love my friends!

Story about my glasses: I not only bought them because they were $5 but because I wanted to cover up Quazi! PLUS they are super AMAZING looking. I am half tempted to put my real persciption lenses in, what are your thoughts!?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Uncle Johnny

I love many things in this world, some more than others but one thing I absolutely love is music. One of my favorite musicians would be this man...

This man is John Mayer. I recently attended his concert at the Cricket Pavilion on July 30, and what a show it was! I was accompanied by a group of friends who also share my love of music from this man. He is one of the most amazing guitarist I have ever heard! When he plays it sends me to a place where I never want to leave, it puts me into awe every time this man strums. It was my first real concert if you don't count my So You Think You Can Dance obsession last year, or Nsync when I was in 6th grade. By far the BEST Concert I have ever see! I plan to move to closer seats next year, Emily and I will eventually meet this man we have decided. I was super jealous when he was done playing and he took a girls camera from the front row and took a picture of himself and the crowd behind him. What I would do to have him take a picture with my camera, or have a picture with him!! All I know is that the polls are in and....

John Mayer = A protegee of amazingness that defies all other musician, and love of my music collection

Friday, August 8, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance! Yes He CAN!

Joshua! Oh Joshua! One of my favorite reality television shows that just recently ended went by the name of So You Think You Can Dance! And just this past Thursday the results were in! And one of my favorites Joshua took the title of being America's Favorite Dancer. I was thrilled that he won because he was one of the most diverse dancers on the show. The judges would say he had "no training" what so ever, and then he would produce immaculate routines that a professional dancer should only be able to perform. But when I was having a conversation with one of my fellow lovers of the show we were talking about how we think its funny how they say he has no training, but in his slide show on one episode he was in a studio as a kid holding on to the ballet bar.. Training or No training... But we came to the conclusion that he did have most likely less training then some others like Katee or Will, Katee who had danced her whole life basically and Will who amazingly training with the INFAMOUS... Debbie Allen. But no matter what training or background my heart always lied with Joshua. I am so happy he won, I think he deserved it, and he did dance most of my favorite routines! I cannot wait until next year!

For the past two years I have watched this show faithfully with a group of friends. Without a doubt watching the show last year was much harder because we would only meet once a week and we would try hard to not watch the Wednesday episode, and wait until Thursday and watch BOTH!.. But this year, my craving for the show grew much more, and I think I have become a much more dedicated fan of dance. SO we so thankfully started meeting two nights a week! Wednesday and Thursday! I know for me it was always such a temptation to want to watch the show before but if no one else did I didn't want to be the one who knew everything already. So this change was one of great appreciation! Next year I hope we stay the same, if there is a next year, some of my fellow watchers are getting hitched! Which is so awesome, but it might disband the group.. or maybe bring us closer together.. Spouses = a larger group. Spouse bonding over a liked show.. Sounds good to me! But We shall See! I love so you think you can dance, and I am super excited to see what amazing dancers will come out of the wood works for next season!

My Ideal top Four:
#1: Will: The most trained and Most BEAUTIFUL dancer on the show! Got kicked off on the top 8 show. He produced one of my favorite dancer that he danced with Katee.

#2: Katee- who was also very technically trained, and did make it into the Top 4 but was kicked off second in the Finale right after Courtney.

#3 Chelsie: she was by far for me the best partner dancer on the show! She was a ballroom dancer, and I thought one episode too early. She left in the Top 6 with Mark, she had many great dances, and Was definitely a major addition to the show! One of my favorites for sure!

#4 Joshua: Of course and he won! Besides Will he was my favorite guy! And snaps to him for winning! :)

And I will always like Twitch! He was the runner up this year and although he may not be the best and most versatile dancer, his personality and character out shined all the rest. When Joshua won he went straight to him and hugged him for a good job! What a good guy! I liked him a lot, so my rating he get honorable mention!

Until Next Year!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Here Today Gone Tomorrow... And for a while..

Currently being at the blissful age of 19 it is quite an adventure. Many things are changing almost instantly before my eyes. One thing I have a hard time grasping is the fact of losing friends. Losing them although for great wonderful reasons, but all else, losing someone close to me is hard. Not being able to pick up the phone, talk, and then be with them in a matter of minutes took some getting used to. Recently this year and more so this summer about 15 of my guys friends have all left on missions for the LDS Church. There are still even about 3 more still waiting to go. Now I am not one to object to missions in the least, I think they create amazing opportunites, they help and invite others to know the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And they help them grow in great strides as a person in general. But for the girls that get left behind, it makes them have to change as well. I think it gives girls like me an chance to really come into my own and find out who I am. To work on what I need to do to be a better person. Having my friends gone has been sad at times, I have shed many tears as each one of my fella's have flown the coop...(It is kind of my fault that I put myself in this situation because most of my close friends were guys). But nonetheless to know the work that they are doing for others is far more important to me than anything else.

One thing I like about having them gone is the chance for me to make new friends. This summer I have made a bunch of new friends that have helped ease this pain I was going through. Suprisingly some are about 3-4 years older than I, it is definitely a good change. They are still SUPER silly but more marture at times as well. This has also given me a chance to focus more on myself. One of my main focuses is now geared towards college and getting done as quickly as possible. Also to gain a greater testimony of my church and to grow spiritually. My friends will be spiritual giants once they return, I can't help but want to grow in the same way with them. They all have been such wonderful inspirations to me to become a better person, and to serve others more. Its so nice to have the opportunity to write each one of my buddies and see how they are doing often, and get pictures and updates. I Love my fellas.

All in all I wanted to make this tribute to my fella's out in the mission field. Continue to serve faithfully and be all you can be. I am so happy you are where the Lord needs you most and I can't to see you all again soon! Some of you in a year and a half some of you in two. Have fun and I love you all. Remember: Be Faithful and True and The Lord Will Follow Through.