Thursday, November 6, 2008


HALLOWEEN is such a fun holiday.. although honestly I have never really known why we celebrate it until this year, I have always enjoyed it. Picking out a costume is always so stressful! I have to say I am not a creative thinker when it comes to Halloween costumes. This year my toss up was going to be between a cowgirl.. again.. or an 80's girl.. But my final decision was so different. I decided to be a Fairy! However... when going to a parties for Halloween, people thought of other names to call my so called cute outfit. Such as: Devil Fairy.. or Seductress.. I don't even know how to be seductive, how could I ever be a Seductress? Random.. But I guess some would've made those kinds of judgments based on the attire of my costume. I wore a red dress, black wings, fishnet pantie hose, and Black heels. Your up to your own interpretation.. But i was meant to be a FAIRY :) I hope you had a great Halloween, because I sure did, but it would've been better if I would have been able to feel my feet at the end of the night :( Until next year....

P.S. - Note to self.. No wings next time, hitting almost 1000 people is not fun :)


RatalieNose said...

You're just all around sexy kimmy!!!

Lauren said...

You girls are so beautiful!!

elise said...

you girls are super cute! jake's email is on the blog and his address is:
Elder Jacob Coleman
155 Pendeen Parc
Helston, Cornwall TR13 OSL
United Kingdom