Sunday, September 4, 2011

Marriage & Sweet dreams..

For those of you who don't know I will be getting married this month. To Tyler McDaniel! I have been awful about blogging during our courtship but we have been dating for over a year and Tyler proposed on July 9th. For those of you who may not know, we met at EFY last summer.. Thank you Sarah Lewis for getting me into EFY two years ago! :) We met in a little town of Ephraim cow country Utah and then needless to say we hit things off. We started dating two weeks after we met and then Tyler moved to Arizona so we could continue dating in the Fall of 2010. It was either try the long distance thing from BYU or for one of us to move. I cannot thank Ty enough for moving and sacrificing so much to date me. If he didn't I know our relationship wouldn't have lasted much further then the summer.

Then this past January 2011 I moved to Provo. Some place I never thought I would see myself. But honestly I never thought I could grow so much in a place as Provo. I have learned so much about myself, how I struggle, how I can love, and how I can succeed. Taking chances has been so worth it and now I am taking another big leap of faith with getting married. After coming from a divorced family I was always very hesitant of marriage and if it would succeed for me. I have honestly been very scared because I was always worried if someone could really love me enough to marry me. I have only dated one other guy in my life and I have never felt more worse about myself and so unloved then when I was with him.

Tyler has changed my view on men, dating, life and love. He more then many people in this world has seen me at my hardest points, my saddest lows and my happiest joys. He understands what I need to be happy. He knows that I want an eternal family and will not let anything get in the way of that. He knows that I want my current family to be apart of that day and he wants to help me help them. Today at church today we visited our future family ward and there was an old mexican man passing the sacrament. Tyler said, " Kim, that's what I picture your Dad looking like when he passes the sacrament one day. Solemn and so happy with what he is doing for other." I broke down in tears to know that the man I love, loves and wants my dreams to come true as much as I do.

With the help of my dear Tyler I know that one day I will have my eternal family. I cannot wait to start our journey on Septemeber 24, 2011. Thank you Ty and everyone else, especially my best friend Emily for believing in me and my dreams of going to the temple. Without all of the many people in my life I would not be where I am am today and I would not have taken the chances that I have to make it here today. Thank you everyone. You all know how you have helped me in my life. To end here are some fun engagements of Tyler and I in Provo. Photos taken by my good friend Becca Stark.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sweet Reunion!

Remember this post?
And then there was one!

Well that post tells all about this guy! In 2009 this fella, one of my best friends in the world, Kendall Rees Clark left me for Chile! Then on February 23, 2011 he RETURNED! :)

This is a letter I sent to Kendall the Second week he was home.. Can't you tell he was excited!

We both kind of have an obsession about Neil Diamond and have it as a goal to see him in concert one day! Chyaa...

As most of you know.. I currently live in Utah.. But when I heard Kendall was coming home I booked a flight and came home for one of the best reunions ever!

While at home I got to see my Best Girl Friends, My family/ Families and I got to spend time with the Clark's!

With the Clark's we all went shooting in the desert and had a great catch up time! I must say I never for one thought that I would ever be shooting a gun. But with the help of Kendal I think I look pretty legit.. well kind of..

I am so happy I got to come home and spend time with my long gone Kendall! I am happy to say he is a little older, more manlier, and the same hilarious, quoting friend that I had missed for two long years!

Welcome Home Kendall! I sure did miss ya!

i believe in unicorns.: Are You Ready for a Giveaway?

Check out my cute friend Ashley Bagley Nielson! She not only has cute style and an amazing talent with the camera but she is whitty, fun, and always makes the best of her life, even though she lives in the dreadful cold of Rexburg Idaho!

Here is her latest Giveaway! Check it out! It is a dress from Shabby Apple that you do not want to miss out on! :)

i believe in unicorns.: Are You Ready for a Giveaway?

More updates from me to come soon!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Living in Provo!

Welcome to the snow... I am now living in Provo, Utah and this is sometimes what I wake up to.. Snow on the ground, my car, and let not forget the beautiful temple and mountains! I am so happy to have the experience of living on my own and loving life. I have a new jobs as a Sales Admin that I love and I get to work with fun, amazing people. For now I could do without the cold, but when Spring and Summer come, I will be jumping for joy!

Here are some things I like about Provo:
  1. I get to experience living with roommates
  2. I cook something new almost everyday!
  3. I get to wear cute winter attire for more then I would like to
  4. I have accumulated almost 25 scarves through gifts and self purchase
  5. I own boots that keep my feet warm even when walking through snow
  6. I get to make new friends
  7. I am challenged more then I have been in a while
  8. I get to experience defrosting and scraping my car after a freezing night
  9. I get to see distant family that lives nearby
  10. Lastly, I get to find out me a little more everyday.
    Good things, bad things, and things I would like to overcome.

I am happy to have this experience right now in my life. Would I ever choose to permanently like in this ice box? Probably not. But do I love the experience now and appreciate my time here.. Yes.. :) I do miss my friends and family at home and I plan to visit in February. I am so happy and I could not be loving life anymore!

See you all for now. I will post new pictures soon!

Trainer Momma Give Away! Anthropologie!!!

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Like I always say, if I don’t spoil you, who will?

Monday, August 23, 2010

Opportunities for greatness!

So this past week it has been the beginning of starting my SENIOR YEAR of college! Yay! This is something that I truly thought would take ages to get to, but it is finally here and I am loving it! I am excited for the challenges that await me this semester. I am tackling 18 credit hours, while working and having other amazing, and enjoyable callings in church and institute. But the one thing that keeps me focused and sane all of the time is the fact I know that Heavenly Father will never give me something to which I am not capable of handling. I love being stretched, pulled, pushed and lengthened. I feel that the more that comes at me, the more of an opportunity I have to improve! Which lets be honest, who doesn't want to be there own, most amazing self ever?! One other small thing I am thoroughly ecstatic about is that this past Sunday I had the opportunity to fill in for a relief society teacher. I seriously cannot express the gratitude and love I have of teaching. I feel that as I study subjects at a closer angle, and am able to view them from a variety of perspectives, they are magnified beyond all measure! Teaching is one of my most favorite things to do now. Even though I always want to pee my pants in fear that I might say or do something wrong, I know that with the spirit as my companion, I can help deliver what the Lord needs the sisters to hear. Guys life is good! I love it and love being in a state of utter happiness all the time. I had to express my love this day because I feel like my tank is overflowing :) Be happy this day and look for the small and simple things in your life that will give you an opportunity to improve in greatness!

Two things I love that are simple and wonderful in life..

First: Rainbows...
In Ephraim EFY there was a massive rain day and it made a double rainbow! When I thought one was blissful, try seeing two! It made my heart so so so HAPPY!

Second: Laughter!
Kindal and I met in Ephraim as well and we would have the most wonderful nights of tiredness and staying up laughing and talking! This is one of the most in the moment pictures that I love! Pure happiness and laughter does the body and soul good, I always say!

The End. Love. You. All.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

EFY / Update to Come!

Hey All! I know I have taken.. Oh all Summer to Update But an EFY Update is coming soon, as well as a school update! Until Then.. :)

To begin shortly.. This was Caroline!! Sweet Caroline.. I would sing this to her everytime that I Saw her precious face! She is a convert to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and she has a similar background to me in my life. If anyone knows my family background, they know that growing up being the only active member, can at times be very challenging. But also such a blessing! Caroline and myself were able to have many talks on how to stay strong in families that may be active and those who may not be active either. We came to the conclusion that all of the peace and comfort lies within our Savior Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. She taught me many lessons this summer, and one was to love the circumstances that we are sometimes in. She embraced many hardships that were in her life currently with a beautiful loving smile. I loved this girl and loved learning from her darling example of one who follows their heart and follows the Savior. Thank you Caroline! I love you my darling girl! You are amazing!