Monday, August 23, 2010

Opportunities for greatness!

So this past week it has been the beginning of starting my SENIOR YEAR of college! Yay! This is something that I truly thought would take ages to get to, but it is finally here and I am loving it! I am excited for the challenges that await me this semester. I am tackling 18 credit hours, while working and having other amazing, and enjoyable callings in church and institute. But the one thing that keeps me focused and sane all of the time is the fact I know that Heavenly Father will never give me something to which I am not capable of handling. I love being stretched, pulled, pushed and lengthened. I feel that the more that comes at me, the more of an opportunity I have to improve! Which lets be honest, who doesn't want to be there own, most amazing self ever?! One other small thing I am thoroughly ecstatic about is that this past Sunday I had the opportunity to fill in for a relief society teacher. I seriously cannot express the gratitude and love I have of teaching. I feel that as I study subjects at a closer angle, and am able to view them from a variety of perspectives, they are magnified beyond all measure! Teaching is one of my most favorite things to do now. Even though I always want to pee my pants in fear that I might say or do something wrong, I know that with the spirit as my companion, I can help deliver what the Lord needs the sisters to hear. Guys life is good! I love it and love being in a state of utter happiness all the time. I had to express my love this day because I feel like my tank is overflowing :) Be happy this day and look for the small and simple things in your life that will give you an opportunity to improve in greatness!

Two things I love that are simple and wonderful in life..

First: Rainbows...
In Ephraim EFY there was a massive rain day and it made a double rainbow! When I thought one was blissful, try seeing two! It made my heart so so so HAPPY!

Second: Laughter!
Kindal and I met in Ephraim as well and we would have the most wonderful nights of tiredness and staying up laughing and talking! This is one of the most in the moment pictures that I love! Pure happiness and laughter does the body and soul good, I always say!

The End. Love. You. All.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

EFY / Update to Come!

Hey All! I know I have taken.. Oh all Summer to Update But an EFY Update is coming soon, as well as a school update! Until Then.. :)

To begin shortly.. This was Caroline!! Sweet Caroline.. I would sing this to her everytime that I Saw her precious face! She is a convert to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and she has a similar background to me in my life. If anyone knows my family background, they know that growing up being the only active member, can at times be very challenging. But also such a blessing! Caroline and myself were able to have many talks on how to stay strong in families that may be active and those who may not be active either. We came to the conclusion that all of the peace and comfort lies within our Savior Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. She taught me many lessons this summer, and one was to love the circumstances that we are sometimes in. She embraced many hardships that were in her life currently with a beautiful loving smile. I loved this girl and loved learning from her darling example of one who follows their heart and follows the Savior. Thank you Caroline! I love you my darling girl! You are amazing!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Trainer Mama!! Holla!

Guys I love this woman! She is amazing! I follow her blogs, let's just say a little religiously! I definitely check it out once a day and peruse old posts often! She is wonderful and amazing and is having a killer giveaway! Check her out on for all the details!

P.s. I will have an EFY Update really soon! Do not fret! :)

Trainer Momma July GIVEAWAY: Gift Card!

Summer is hands down my favorite time of year. What is there not to like?

kids everywhere
tons of pool time
early morning workouts
tons of fruit!
day trips
no schedule
great books

Yep, I have finally been able to finish some books (that amazingly do not have anything to do with exercise/nutrition/health). Finishing a real, bona fide novel makes me feel renewed and whole again.

I've racked my brain for the past few days wondering what I should spoil you with giveaway this month. So, after reading "Catching Fire" last night, I came up with this:

Trainer Momma July Giveaway
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Friday, May 21, 2010

Update on Life... Ya..

So I have completely stunk at blogging lately but here a little bit to catch you all up!

To Begin!: My Best Friend Emily just celebrated her 1 year Anniversary to Brett on May 20th!! Hooray for Marriage and life! She is also pregnant, therefore I can honestly say I am tickled pink to be an aunt come November! My Best Friend Emily is one of the hardest working most caring people in the world and I could not be any more proud of her and her choices she has made to be such an amazing woman! Love you Em and Brett! I cannot wait to see many more wonderful years of Happiness from you two! :)

Next: Say Hello to the Gila Valley Temple! ( all pictures are stolen from Becca and Katelyn Love you two! ) Arizona is welcoming a New Latter Day Saint Temple into it's midst on Sunday May 23rd! It will be such an amazing day to see the Temple dedicated by our beloved Prophet, Thomas S. Monson.

After finals Katelyn, Becca and I made the trip to visit the Temple before it is dedicated. Let me just say that it is the most Beautiful thing in the entire WORLD! I loved being able to walk through the entire temple for the first time with the perspective of an adult and one who is aspiring to go through the temple someday.

It was also hilarious because in every picture we "attempted" to take, the wind was not on our side! Katelyn's skirt was looking to flash some innocent bystanders.. but we were not gonna let that come to pass! Thankfully we finally got a beautiful shot taken by a pleasant booty worker outside of the temple.

We finished off the trip with dinner and tasty snow cone treats! Thank you Thatcher for your hospitality and thank you for providing ground for the wonderful Gila Valley Temple! We enjoyed our visit immensely!

Third: One of my greatest friends got married Yesterday! On the same day as Emily's anniversary, Kierstie and Steve were married as well! I met Kierstie last summer through EFY interactions and we were friends at first sight! She is the most tender girl alive and her wedding was beautiful and so very special! Congratulations Kierstie Face! I know you and Steve are going to be so incredibly happy together! All my Love!

EFY 4 Life :)
Last but not least: I had the opportunity to help display some clothes for Alicia Coleman founder and operator inquired of some modeling positions, and it has secretly been always a desire of mine to do a modeling something, because I have watched America's Next Top Model in my younger years and have always thought, if those skinny girls can do it, so can I! Which led me to this! It was so fun and exciting, and such a privilege! They have the cutest clothes and wonderful prices! Check out there site!

Well This is a quick update but a wonderful one if I say so myself! I am out of school for the time being until the fall! So I say Hello Summer, work and TANNING! :) I'm lovin this heat and cannot wait to have some Melanin Bronze in my skin again! Until Next time! Love you all!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


So one thing in life that I am deathly afraid of is Roller Coasters! Normal people love the thrill seeking, gut dropping happiness of these monstrous rides.. Me.. Not so much. But to conquer my fear I went with some friend for a weekend to Six Flags aka Zickz Phlagz.. We even Made shirts that stated our commitment to this wondrous theme park. There were more ups than downs, for laughs than cries, and in the end I am still living to tell the tale that I made it to and from Six Flags in one piece. The adventure was amazing to see the least! Hear are pictures to prove the greatness.

End to Beginning Last photo on the beach
Da girls! We love the Beach!

Sportin' Zickz Phlagz Attire one last time at the end of the night. A mexican man took this picture and said, " I like those shirts, where did you get them?!" Brianna replied, " Oh in the gift shop over that way!".. Lie.. Yes.. But they will want to endorse these some day!
"De Ocho" - the fearless 8 is great!

The journey Begun and ended at Zickz Phlagz. Success was mine and I conquered a fear! Hooray to new adventures with good friends and many memories. Long live TAFFY! :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

That was then.. This is New.

So this is aNew Year! New adventures, expectations and opportunities. Within this past year many things have happened! I sent friends on missions, My Best friend got married along with other wonderful girls friends of mine, countless girls nights memories have shaped good friendships, I had my first boyfriend experience along with heartache which makes you want to vomit, Ive seen countless people at touched by the gospel at ASU, I have made many new friends, I've aquired three news sports into my liking: Croquet, Ultimate Frisbee and Racquetball, I've lost twenty pounds and am set to lose twenty more before summer, I have grown spiritually and had the opportunity to teach youth from all over the states. This list in minuscule compared to everything else that has probably happened but from all of these things I have been changed for the better. Some were easier to go through than others, but all have changed me for the good.. So I am welcoming you 2010 into my life. Come what may and I will love it! This is Kim, and I am estatic to start my 2010 adventure!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Love Me Some UTAH!

SO these pictures are completely jumbled but its ok! A few weeks ago Kierstie, Jadey and I went to Provo to visit friends and loved ones! It was a blast! Freezing, but there was never a dull moment. From Freeze Outs in the car to stay awake, to taking over 400 photos, we loved out adventurous trip to Utah! ENJOY! :)

And so it began!
Dinner in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building! Delicious and Beautiful all rolled into one!
Temple square lit up at Christmas time is a sight to see for all!! I love it! We visited 7 temples overall on our little adventure! It was Blissful!
I LOVE THE SNOW! Minus the Frigidness of it all!
Spider... YES!

Scott took a random photo of me. Love it!
Love these girls!!
Kierstie showed us this stellar swing that has three swings and moves in a circle when each person swings! It was beautiful and a tad bit frozen so our swinging was at a dull creek movement.. oh well!
Bowling... Nuff Said!
We stayed with LINDI while we were there in Provo visiting! She is Aussie EFY friend and we love her!

Provo Temple = Amazingness!!
I got to see Charley! A good friend from EFY, She is hilarious and I love her guts to Pieces!!!
This is Scott, We are EFY friends and he kindly spent the day with us in Provo! It was wonderful!
Jadey is going on a Mission, therefore we LOVED the MTC this trip!