Friday, May 21, 2010

Update on Life... Ya..

So I have completely stunk at blogging lately but here a little bit to catch you all up!

To Begin!: My Best Friend Emily just celebrated her 1 year Anniversary to Brett on May 20th!! Hooray for Marriage and life! She is also pregnant, therefore I can honestly say I am tickled pink to be an aunt come November! My Best Friend Emily is one of the hardest working most caring people in the world and I could not be any more proud of her and her choices she has made to be such an amazing woman! Love you Em and Brett! I cannot wait to see many more wonderful years of Happiness from you two! :)

Next: Say Hello to the Gila Valley Temple! ( all pictures are stolen from Becca and Katelyn Love you two! ) Arizona is welcoming a New Latter Day Saint Temple into it's midst on Sunday May 23rd! It will be such an amazing day to see the Temple dedicated by our beloved Prophet, Thomas S. Monson.

After finals Katelyn, Becca and I made the trip to visit the Temple before it is dedicated. Let me just say that it is the most Beautiful thing in the entire WORLD! I loved being able to walk through the entire temple for the first time with the perspective of an adult and one who is aspiring to go through the temple someday.

It was also hilarious because in every picture we "attempted" to take, the wind was not on our side! Katelyn's skirt was looking to flash some innocent bystanders.. but we were not gonna let that come to pass! Thankfully we finally got a beautiful shot taken by a pleasant booty worker outside of the temple.

We finished off the trip with dinner and tasty snow cone treats! Thank you Thatcher for your hospitality and thank you for providing ground for the wonderful Gila Valley Temple! We enjoyed our visit immensely!

Third: One of my greatest friends got married Yesterday! On the same day as Emily's anniversary, Kierstie and Steve were married as well! I met Kierstie last summer through EFY interactions and we were friends at first sight! She is the most tender girl alive and her wedding was beautiful and so very special! Congratulations Kierstie Face! I know you and Steve are going to be so incredibly happy together! All my Love!

EFY 4 Life :)
Last but not least: I had the opportunity to help display some clothes for Alicia Coleman founder and operator inquired of some modeling positions, and it has secretly been always a desire of mine to do a modeling something, because I have watched America's Next Top Model in my younger years and have always thought, if those skinny girls can do it, so can I! Which led me to this! It was so fun and exciting, and such a privilege! They have the cutest clothes and wonderful prices! Check out there site!

Well This is a quick update but a wonderful one if I say so myself! I am out of school for the time being until the fall! So I say Hello Summer, work and TANNING! :) I'm lovin this heat and cannot wait to have some Melanin Bronze in my skin again! Until Next time! Love you all!


LeSueurs said...

Kim, you look gorgeous, and I am so happy you updated your blog! You are such a sweet friend and p.s. I am in love with antm so you just made my day!

the Picketts said...

KIM- you look amazing! You sound happy & busy:)are you still in school?

Austin and Ashtyn said...

GIRL you are so CUTE!! Austin and I were here looking at your blog and he said "she is so darling" "Kendall hurry home and snatch her up!" I just want you to know we are ALL rooting for you to marry him when he gets home! :)

You look happy, so glad! keep living life!

Bree and Bryce said...

You are so gorgeous! It was fun seeing you yesterday! I need your address for my baby shower, e-mail it to me!

Love you!

Josie Thompson said...

Girl you are lookin'ffffine! You are just AMAZING!! I love you so much and just want you to know it!

Heidi said...

KIM! you look absolutely AMAZING!! I love you!

Chelsee Apuna Bingham said...

Kim you are adorable! You are America's next top model!! I always love reading your blog. You have such a fun and exciting life! I love it

Katelyn said...

finalllllly! love you and thanks for the update!

Brett and Emily said...

ah thanks so much for giving me a shout out on your blog!!! i cant wait for my baby to meet his or her auntie kim! my baby is going to be so blessed to have you in his or her life, just like me! by the way you are so skinny and beautiful, like you always were but your seriously hott! love you best friend!