Friday, July 9, 2010

Trainer Mama!! Holla!

Guys I love this woman! She is amazing! I follow her blogs, let's just say a little religiously! I definitely check it out once a day and peruse old posts often! She is wonderful and amazing and is having a killer giveaway! Check her out on for all the details!

P.s. I will have an EFY Update really soon! Do not fret! :)

Trainer Momma July GIVEAWAY: Gift Card!

Summer is hands down my favorite time of year. What is there not to like?

kids everywhere
tons of pool time
early morning workouts
tons of fruit!
day trips
no schedule
great books

Yep, I have finally been able to finish some books (that amazingly do not have anything to do with exercise/nutrition/health). Finishing a real, bona fide novel makes me feel renewed and whole again.

I've racked my brain for the past few days wondering what I should spoil you with giveaway this month. So, after reading "Catching Fire" last night, I came up with this:

Trainer Momma July Giveaway
$25 Gift Card to

There will be 4 lucky winners chosen this month!

With an extra $25, you can pick up a new book, new workout DVD, new music, toys for your kids, or heck -- whatever else you want! Just consider it a bit of extra spending money just for you!

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