Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Twilight! <3

Of course I bet there have been millions of posts on the new released movie Twilight, and yes I was one who followed the crowd of being in line for the midnight showing. And... Yes I am one of the silly obsessed girls who got a shirt even, that said " I love Edward" Because lets face it, I do.. Twilight as a book was amazing, words cannot not describe how much I enjoyed reading those books. However the movie, surprisingly was good as well. But I think I like them both as a separate good thing. I try not to compare because everyone know the books will never compare to the movies but I did love the movie. And yes, I have seen it two times so far.. And yes, I still want to see it again.. But will I...? I don't even know.. But the consensus is in... and Edward + Ray Ban Sunglasses= BEAUTIFUL.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


HALLOWEEN is such a fun holiday.. although honestly I have never really known why we celebrate it until this year, I have always enjoyed it. Picking out a costume is always so stressful! I have to say I am not a creative thinker when it comes to Halloween costumes. This year my toss up was going to be between a cowgirl.. again.. or an 80's girl.. But my final decision was so different. I decided to be a Fairy! However... when going to a parties for Halloween, people thought of other names to call my so called cute outfit. Such as: Devil Fairy.. or Seductress.. I don't even know how to be seductive, how could I ever be a Seductress? Random.. But I guess some would've made those kinds of judgments based on the attire of my costume. I wore a red dress, black wings, fishnet pantie hose, and Black heels. Your up to your own interpretation.. But i was meant to be a FAIRY :) I hope you had a great Halloween, because I sure did, but it would've been better if I would have been able to feel my feet at the end of the night :( Until next year....

P.S. - Note to self.. No wings next time, hitting almost 1000 people is not fun :)

FAIR !! :)

SO last month I conquered one of my fears! I do not have many fears that I will openly admit, but one that I do is my fear of heights, and Roller coasters! Someone may think that these two things are supposed to be fun, and are supposed to a thrill. True.. But definitely not for me! I am the biggest chicken when it comes to anything with my body leaving the ground and not knowing if when I get down it will still be as composed as it was before. So.. this past October a group of friends and I went to the State Fair. (By the way it was only my second time attending the fair, and the first was a week earlier at the amazing Weezer concert held there). Needless to say I was hesitant to go because of my great fear.. As we walked into the fair we saw fancy enormous elephants and a dancing monkey like you see on children movies... so i thought to myself, Hey this wont be so bad.. Wrong... We got our wrist bands and went in line for the first ride.. I almost talked myself out of going on it.. But peer pressure gets me every time! The whole time on the ride I screamed and closed my eyes like a little baby! Pathetic... Ya I am... But any who by the end of the night I learned to keep my eyes open and I ended up going on EVERY ride!! Except for the last one that I knew would put me in Cardiac Arrest if I even attempted it! So Overall the fair was so fun, and I came out of it feeling a little bit stronger towards my fear of heights!