Thursday, March 19, 2009


One of my Favorite things in this world is Country Music! And the group that rocks my socks is RASCAL FLATTS for the longest time I have always wanted to see them in concert, and I finally did on March 12, 2009! What a GREAT day that was! 
Again this adventure began with Kylie, Kenzlee and me Kim! K must be the best letter lately!
We drove in Kylie's boyfriend Evan's truck, he came along too but he does not start with a K.

We always take weird pictures..

Surprising.. Not one BIT

Me taking a nap during Jessica Simpson's performance, boy way she silly!

The weirdness continued..

Wrapping up the show :(
Our goodbyes to Rascal Flatts in the Car.. WE LOVE THEM!!

March 12th! A day to Remember! :)



This Adventure Began with three Girls, Kim, Kalli and Kenzlee

We all traveled to California for only 2 days and one night.. Worth it? YES! 
We met some friends along the way, Meet Drew :)
One of our favorite things to do was JUMP! all the time! 
We also enjoyed having our own Photo Shoot 

We even traveled to FAR off places like Balboa Park!

And again we took more pictures! Every moment must be documented! 
In the end we were just a bunch of spontaneous girls looking for a good time, and thats what we had! We LOVE California!
Love, K Cubed