Thursday, March 19, 2009


One of my Favorite things in this world is Country Music! And the group that rocks my socks is RASCAL FLATTS for the longest time I have always wanted to see them in concert, and I finally did on March 12, 2009! What a GREAT day that was! 
Again this adventure began with Kylie, Kenzlee and me Kim! K must be the best letter lately!
We drove in Kylie's boyfriend Evan's truck, he came along too but he does not start with a K.

We always take weird pictures..

Surprising.. Not one BIT

Me taking a nap during Jessica Simpson's performance, boy way she silly!

The weirdness continued..

Wrapping up the show :(
Our goodbyes to Rascal Flatts in the Car.. WE LOVE THEM!!

March 12th! A day to Remember! :)


Lauren said...

I heart Rascal Flatts. Love them!

Hey girl, do you think you could change my name on your sidebar so that my last name isn't present? I have a stalker. True story.

Kenzlee Adair said...

i love love love kimmy poo!!! this concert was SOOO much fun! and i am so glad that i got to go with you!!!