Wednesday, February 17, 2010


So one thing in life that I am deathly afraid of is Roller Coasters! Normal people love the thrill seeking, gut dropping happiness of these monstrous rides.. Me.. Not so much. But to conquer my fear I went with some friend for a weekend to Six Flags aka Zickz Phlagz.. We even Made shirts that stated our commitment to this wondrous theme park. There were more ups than downs, for laughs than cries, and in the end I am still living to tell the tale that I made it to and from Six Flags in one piece. The adventure was amazing to see the least! Hear are pictures to prove the greatness.

End to Beginning Last photo on the beach
Da girls! We love the Beach!

Sportin' Zickz Phlagz Attire one last time at the end of the night. A mexican man took this picture and said, " I like those shirts, where did you get them?!" Brianna replied, " Oh in the gift shop over that way!".. Lie.. Yes.. But they will want to endorse these some day!
"De Ocho" - the fearless 8 is great!

The journey Begun and ended at Zickz Phlagz. Success was mine and I conquered a fear! Hooray to new adventures with good friends and many memories. Long live TAFFY! :)


Katelyn said...

most amazingly, uncanny trip everr! Can't wait for new adventures in cali during spring break!

Mckenzi and Matthew said...

Kim I loooove you! Just thinking about you and the obsession thereof.. haha you beautiful girl

Katelyn said...

update your bloggggggggggg!