Monday, January 4, 2010

Love Me Some UTAH!

SO these pictures are completely jumbled but its ok! A few weeks ago Kierstie, Jadey and I went to Provo to visit friends and loved ones! It was a blast! Freezing, but there was never a dull moment. From Freeze Outs in the car to stay awake, to taking over 400 photos, we loved out adventurous trip to Utah! ENJOY! :)

And so it began!
Dinner in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building! Delicious and Beautiful all rolled into one!
Temple square lit up at Christmas time is a sight to see for all!! I love it! We visited 7 temples overall on our little adventure! It was Blissful!
I LOVE THE SNOW! Minus the Frigidness of it all!
Spider... YES!

Scott took a random photo of me. Love it!
Love these girls!!
Kierstie showed us this stellar swing that has three swings and moves in a circle when each person swings! It was beautiful and a tad bit frozen so our swinging was at a dull creek movement.. oh well!
Bowling... Nuff Said!
We stayed with LINDI while we were there in Provo visiting! She is Aussie EFY friend and we love her!

Provo Temple = Amazingness!!
I got to see Charley! A good friend from EFY, She is hilarious and I love her guts to Pieces!!!
This is Scott, We are EFY friends and he kindly spent the day with us in Provo! It was wonderful!
Jadey is going on a Mission, therefore we LOVED the MTC this trip!


RatalieNose said...

Girl!! Why are you so beautiful!!! All your outfits are SO CUTE! And you have the best smile and your body is FREAKIN HOTT! And I love you. Um can we please swing on that swing together?

Chelsee Apuna Bingham said...

Kim you are an amazing dresser and look so adorable!!!