Friday, August 8, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance! Yes He CAN!

Joshua! Oh Joshua! One of my favorite reality television shows that just recently ended went by the name of So You Think You Can Dance! And just this past Thursday the results were in! And one of my favorites Joshua took the title of being America's Favorite Dancer. I was thrilled that he won because he was one of the most diverse dancers on the show. The judges would say he had "no training" what so ever, and then he would produce immaculate routines that a professional dancer should only be able to perform. But when I was having a conversation with one of my fellow lovers of the show we were talking about how we think its funny how they say he has no training, but in his slide show on one episode he was in a studio as a kid holding on to the ballet bar.. Training or No training... But we came to the conclusion that he did have most likely less training then some others like Katee or Will, Katee who had danced her whole life basically and Will who amazingly training with the INFAMOUS... Debbie Allen. But no matter what training or background my heart always lied with Joshua. I am so happy he won, I think he deserved it, and he did dance most of my favorite routines! I cannot wait until next year!

For the past two years I have watched this show faithfully with a group of friends. Without a doubt watching the show last year was much harder because we would only meet once a week and we would try hard to not watch the Wednesday episode, and wait until Thursday and watch BOTH!.. But this year, my craving for the show grew much more, and I think I have become a much more dedicated fan of dance. SO we so thankfully started meeting two nights a week! Wednesday and Thursday! I know for me it was always such a temptation to want to watch the show before but if no one else did I didn't want to be the one who knew everything already. So this change was one of great appreciation! Next year I hope we stay the same, if there is a next year, some of my fellow watchers are getting hitched! Which is so awesome, but it might disband the group.. or maybe bring us closer together.. Spouses = a larger group. Spouse bonding over a liked show.. Sounds good to me! But We shall See! I love so you think you can dance, and I am super excited to see what amazing dancers will come out of the wood works for next season!

My Ideal top Four:
#1: Will: The most trained and Most BEAUTIFUL dancer on the show! Got kicked off on the top 8 show. He produced one of my favorite dancer that he danced with Katee.

#2: Katee- who was also very technically trained, and did make it into the Top 4 but was kicked off second in the Finale right after Courtney.

#3 Chelsie: she was by far for me the best partner dancer on the show! She was a ballroom dancer, and I thought one episode too early. She left in the Top 6 with Mark, she had many great dances, and Was definitely a major addition to the show! One of my favorites for sure!

#4 Joshua: Of course and he won! Besides Will he was my favorite guy! And snaps to him for winning! :)

And I will always like Twitch! He was the runner up this year and although he may not be the best and most versatile dancer, his personality and character out shined all the rest. When Joshua won he went straight to him and hugged him for a good job! What a good guy! I liked him a lot, so my rating he get honorable mention!

Until Next Year!

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