Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Uncle Johnny

I love many things in this world, some more than others but one thing I absolutely love is music. One of my favorite musicians would be this man...

This man is John Mayer. I recently attended his concert at the Cricket Pavilion on July 30, and what a show it was! I was accompanied by a group of friends who also share my love of music from this man. He is one of the most amazing guitarist I have ever heard! When he plays it sends me to a place where I never want to leave, it puts me into awe every time this man strums. It was my first real concert if you don't count my So You Think You Can Dance obsession last year, or Nsync when I was in 6th grade. By far the BEST Concert I have ever see! I plan to move to closer seats next year, Emily and I will eventually meet this man we have decided. I was super jealous when he was done playing and he took a girls camera from the front row and took a picture of himself and the crowd behind him. What I would do to have him take a picture with my camera, or have a picture with him!! All I know is that the polls are in and....

John Mayer = A protegee of amazingness that defies all other musician, and love of my music collection


LeSueur's said... I love your blog!!! it os so sweet:0 Especially your missionary post! Brings back so many memories!!!! I miss all you guys.. you get married and then fall of the face of the earth haha jk. well hopefully I'll get to see you soon at ASU!

Camille said...

I have only recently started liking John Mayer--isn't that AWFUL??? I hated him when I was in high school because of that "Body is a Wonderland" song, which makes me feel all dirty.

But really, he is a very talented musician. Steffen made me see the light on that one.

And YAY for being in the YW presidency!!! That's like, my dream calling. I thought I was too young for something like that, but YOU"RE doing it, so now i know my ward just hates me for putting me in primary.

: )

RatalieNose said...

you're such a nerd!!!haha i love it!!!! remember when emily was about to say the prayer at mutual and her phone went off and he was her ring tone? She was like "John just wanted to pray with us."