Thursday, September 4, 2008

"Oh... Ok.." "Ya You Are Welcome..." CALIFORNIA TRIP!

I must say, One of my most favorite places in the world to be is in California! The weather is inexplainibly beautiful, the guys are smokin with surfing goodness, the beach is always waiting to be laid upon, and the Sun is beaming... Wanting to put a golden brown coat of wonderful on everyone! ( thats if you are not fair skinned, if so then lobster would be the color for you!) My Labor day weekend was full of fun filled happiness! Myself and three girl friends went to California for a nice get away due to the recent week of school starting back up again! And also to celebrate Labor Day with a full weekend of funness not sweatness! So of the things we did included playing Volleyball on the Beach, Shopping, Laying out, Taking TONS of pictures! :), Dinner, Tanning.. And Car RiDES! I must say this was my funnest trips of being in a car for 5 hours! I dont know if I was just loopy or tired, but I had non stop energy always in the car, from the time we left until the time we arrived home! I had some interesting pictures taken of me making awful faces too but they will no be shown here. We also listened to the same CD maybe.. oh 10 times at least! We had like theme songs for this trip along with quoted lines from a You tube video that we all think is hilarious! "EVON.. Thats a FRENCH NAME EVON.." "Oh.... OK....." "YA YOU ARE WELCOME.." "KIM BA LEE KIM BA LEE.., You got a beautiful face girl, ya you got a beautiful face!" It was so great getting away for the weekend! I love trips!

Ok so my eyes are shut to make a point. I got a black eye on this trip, Everyone said it looks like eye shadow.. I dont think i would put it on one eye only even if it was.
you cannot see it very well here, but I did get a black eye while on this trip, and it hurt! Real Bad! I got it from playing in the ocean with kylie, I went to pick her up and I tripped over the inconceiveable ocean salt water. I fell backward along with kylie, she proceeded to "accidently" elbow me in my eye. Hence creating Quazi Moto on my eye. It was super swollen the first day but now I go to school and people ask about my eyeshadow.. Oh another fact, The day after I got my creation emily hit me "accidently" once more in the SAME EYE! What luck, Amazing luck thats all I day! I love my friends!

Story about my glasses: I not only bought them because they were $5 but because I wanted to cover up Quazi! PLUS they are super AMAZING looking. I am half tempted to put my real persciption lenses in, what are your thoughts!?

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