Friday, September 19, 2008


So recently I have been having bad trouble with my car, Sally. I love Sally, she has been faithful and caring my whole 2 years of being with her. But recently Sally is going down the drain. The first problem I had was like 2 months ago, just rough shifting.. That progressed into really really rough shifting which = transmission... No Bueno.. This lead to an incident that I will never forget. I was traveling home from a friends house and I was turning right onto university from horne. As i was turning my car RANDOMLY shut off completely and went into distress, or " Lock up Mode" My car then progressed to go into the other lane of traffic, oh ya know on the other side of the road... So I pulled the wheele super hard and managed to get into the turning lane. There I shut off my car and started it again.. Then I continued on my merry way.. Odd.. Weird.. and Scary! SO now my car shuts off randomly whenever it wants. And this past week my battery totally died and I was stranded at Walgreens in the hood.. No Dad or sister to come help so my dads friend came to give me a jump... Needless to say I bawled my eyes out because I thought this was the last straw in my cars intolerableness. Sally certainly has a mind of her own. So since these recent incidents have been occurring so frequently I have been in the market of looking for a new car. My dream car.. Although may be funny to some, it is adorable to me is..

However, My dad will not let me get one... One day though I will own one, Pink even! A girl can always hope right! :)


Josie Thompson and Kelly Allen said...

Kim my love, I'm sorry about Sally, that's'll get through it :) LOVE YOU so so so much!!!!

RatalieNose said...

HAHAHAHA I poor poor thing.