Friday, October 24, 2008


I sometimes never think that school is going to end! One week in one week out, just as things seem to be lightening up.. then always seen to get harder! This semester I am a Sophomore at ASU and I am majoring in nursing. I love what I am studying, but seriously can't wait for it to be over. One of the biggest trials I come to face while in college is stress!! I feel like when I do actually try hard for a class and study my butt off and STILL get a C or D on a test.. my world crumbles! It is almost defeating to myself to think that I could actually continue on in school.. But then I have little reminders that help me believe that I can indeed keep carrying on in my college endeavor. For instance.. Institute! I love going to institute everyday, although consequently I did sign up for the exta class to have parking (guilty) but it turns out I love having Institute. In my Teaching of the Living Prophets class we recently studied Elder Wirthlin, and one of his talks he gave in the October 2001 Conference talked about, Be the best us, and to not compare ourselves to one another. This statement alone has helped me to see that no matter if every one of my friends is doing better than I am in my classes that the Lord can indeed help me, but only if I do all that I can and then rely on him. So school although tough at times seems to have renewing faiths that help me endure my semesters!

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RatalieNose said...

Yay sister!!!!! You can do it!!! We all have complete faith in you!!! You're the best!!!!!!