Friday, July 25, 2008

I Wanna Know, Have You Ever Seen The Rain! :)

This wonderful line came from one of the funnest places outside the U.S., Mexico! It was basically the theme song for the entire trip! Last weekend me and a bunch of my friend traveled down to another world, called Rocky Point. This was my first time going to Rocky Point and I must say I was thrilled! I had already been to Enscenata with some other friends, and that was culture shock to me! But I heard RP was a little more Americanized so I was way excited! Not to mention I was going to be partying with some of the tightest people from the AZ, So who wouldn't be thrilled! This was our amazing group! Except Chase! Who knows where he went, he is definitely a wanderer!

For the First day we just went around town and had lunch, and played on the beach! I love the beach! It has to be on the most amazing places this world can have, but this beach by our condo had killer rocks! But never fear we still had fun in the crashing waves, soft sand and ever so SALTY water! I don't think I have ever tasted that much such salt in my whole 19 years of existence.
We went with fellas as well, but these were all my amazing gal pals that attended!

After the beach fun we ate some more and just played around in town. We also found this resort we snuck into and played in the pool and laid out! It was so fantastic to be in normal Non salt coated H2O!

At the amazing resort!

Eating out at lunch! Willie, Paul and I

Going out on the Second night! Me, Katelyn, Willie, Jamie and Heather

Some other fun things we did included:

Playing Spoons! (I won!)

Riding a Banana Boat! ( Which definitely went ultra slow and When people fell off I tried to help Danie back on while like 2 other people out of 12 were on still and we made it tip! Bad move on me! Whoops!)

Watching Step up 2! (I fell asleep, so it must not have been that thrilling!)

Singing with this Hispanic guy at Dinner one night ( which inspired "I wanna know, have you ever seen the RAIN!)

And of course the Fabulous Car Rides! Heather and I rode with Brock and Chase, and It was so fun getting to know them! We had the Cool Car! On the way home we played the voice game and we played two truths and a lie. We also told funny stories and got to know one another with some confessions attached! Heather likes to cross her eyes and cant bend her back, and Brock is an amazing liar! And I told Brock the first time I met him I thought he was Really super mean.. Sorry Brock! That has all changed now! :)

This is Chase, Brock, Jordan, and Taylor ( our fellas and Brothas on the trip)

(not pictured is Paul and Cameron, sorry boys you arn't cool unless you got a brotha!)

It was so fun being in Mexico, I love get aways and I love getting to know people better! I could not have asked for a better time! I want to go back! Thanks to everyone that who was in attendance, you made this trip what it was!


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RatalieNose said...

you're such a nerd and I love you!!! so im totally going to sea world with your best friend tomorrow! hahaha