Friday, June 5, 2009


EFY!! For those of you who may not know... I will be serving as an EFY Counselor this summer from June 22 - Aug 8! A whole month and a half of pure learning, growing greatness! I initially applied for this position because my best friend Emily's sister Sarah said to me back in October,"Kim! I know what you need to do with your life!!" and I replied.. "Shoot Sarah!" and She continued, " Kim you would make the funnest EFY counselor!" So my brain turned and thoughts came to applying, applying lead to interview and interview led to my soon to be great experience!!
As you can see by the map, Efy is EVERYWHERE!! Even in Canada! But I will be serving in Flagstaff ( my newest week!), Thatcher, Ephriam and Cedar City! I am so excited and I hope I can make an adequate counselor for my soon to be Campers! Ill update you all on my ventures since my Macbook, Maxine will be accompanying me! I hope all of your summers are going well, but this is what will be occupying my time! :) Efy I am coming for ya! HOORAY!


Camille said...

Too bad you didn't get selected for CANADA! We could have chilled or something. : ) Glad to see you're back on the blogging wagon, Kim. Oh, and being an EFY counsellor always sounded amazing to me. I bet you'll do SO well at it. Have fun!

Brett and Em Randall said...

ya you finally updated! holla!! cant wait to hear about all the overly excited teenage girls and boys that your going to get to deal with! bahaha should be interesting! your going to be so amazing. love you girl!!

RatalieNose said...

You're going to be the BEST!!!
I can't wait to write my "EFY Missionary!"

Austin and Ashtyn said...

Hey cute girl! I just found your comment on my blog that led me to yours!! I am so happy you got the EFY gig.. you are going to be so AWESOME. Maybe you will find your eternal companion, just saying... I always had a crush on my efy counselor's there are some HOT men! Scratch that.. just wait for Kendall to come home, I would love to have you as a sissy!! :) Cant wait to see updates girly!!