Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Living in Provo!

Welcome to the snow... I am now living in Provo, Utah and this is sometimes what I wake up to.. Snow on the ground, my car, and let not forget the beautiful temple and mountains! I am so happy to have the experience of living on my own and loving life. I have a new jobs as a Sales Admin that I love and I get to work with fun, amazing people. For now I could do without the cold, but when Spring and Summer come, I will be jumping for joy!

Here are some things I like about Provo:
  1. I get to experience living with roommates
  2. I cook something new almost everyday!
  3. I get to wear cute winter attire for more then I would like to
  4. I have accumulated almost 25 scarves through gifts and self purchase
  5. I own boots that keep my feet warm even when walking through snow
  6. I get to make new friends
  7. I am challenged more then I have been in a while
  8. I get to experience defrosting and scraping my car after a freezing night
  9. I get to see distant family that lives nearby
  10. Lastly, I get to find out me a little more everyday.
    Good things, bad things, and things I would like to overcome.

I am happy to have this experience right now in my life. Would I ever choose to permanently like in this ice box? Probably not. But do I love the experience now and appreciate my time here.. Yes.. :) I do miss my friends and family at home and I plan to visit in February. I am so happy and I could not be loving life anymore!

See you all for now. I will post new pictures soon!


Bree and Bryce said...

Kim I love you! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! We for sure need to play when you come down! (like a double date!) Glad you're loving Provo! See you soon!

Brett and Emily said...

you go best friend!!! so glad you get to experience living in your own like this! stay warm!!

Katelyn said...

welcome back to the blog world! You should post more often...and post pictures of where you're living! I miss you!

Heidi said...

I miss you!! I'm so glad you're making the most of Provo! I loved it there, but then again, I was there in the summer :) Let's get together when you come visit!

Willi Nixon said...

It's fun having you here and running into you at 24 :) welcome to Utah!

Josie Thompson said...

awh I'm so happy life is good up in freezing UT!! I sure do miss and love you!!