Sunday, July 5, 2009

And So it BEGINS! Flagstaff Session 2

Hey all! Sorry I havent been able to post! EFY has kept me non-stop busy! But Here are a few photos from my first session! It was in Flagstaff, AZ the 22-27 of June. I am so grateful to be able to be a tool in the Lords hands and help teach his youth! This experience has just started but I already feel like I have grown so much! Hope you all enjoy! :)
This is Me and my awesome first CoCo ( Co Counselor) Josh, Betterly known as Shua! But he was an amazing first CoCo! He has such an awesome knowledge of the gospel and insanely excited about everything all the time, just like me! You can imagine how crazy our kids were with two insanely peppy counselors! He was basically the! Thanks again Josh for everything you taught me! You are fantastic! :)

Here is a Picture of me and Rochelle, Kira, Jasmine, and Adam, I love these kids! I can't remember what we were going to do but we all love pictures!

Here is me and Kierstie! I LOVE HER! We somehow magically got to be roommates for my first week! She basically showed me the ropes and was the best roomie ever! Well besides the fact that she sleep talks every night! Also she like sleep, stood up in her bed one night! It was hilarious!! I love her, and I always loved cleaning our room, randomly at midnight! I am nuts!

Here are all of our handsome guys!

And my gorgeous girls!
Here I am acting as any proud mother bear. Taking pictures of her child who made it into the Variety show due to his amazing skills! And my amazing skills at helping him make lyrics to his song! Love you Andrew!

My Children! Arn't they just simply Adorable!? I think so!
Waylon is a goof! And all my other boys are presh! :) Love them!Love these girls! On our way to the Morningside on Thursday!We are goofy, 100% of the time.. or thats just me!We love SERVICE! For our project we got to color road maps for children! It was awesome and since coloring is one of my favorite past times, it was thoroughly enjoyable!

Starting and ending with me and Josh! We had such a good time and were an Amazing team if I say so myself! He will forever be my first Co Co and the most memorable! Yay for EFY and I hope more goodness comes each and every week!


Austin and Ashtyn said...

How fun!! I am jealous you are doing that. How fun to go back and be the boss!! Your group looked darling as well as you did! :)

Lindsey Layton said...

Fun! It looks like you are having a BLAST!!! Keep up the good work! And i love coloring too!

Brett and Em Randall said...

your the best effie counselor ever!!! glad your having such an amazing experience. no one better to help these kids out... fo sho!!

RatalieNose said...

The lipstick is PRICELESS!!!
K you had A TON of hotties in your group!!!!
Enjoyed the eye candy immensely!!!