Friday, July 10, 2009

Thatcher Session 1 Holla!

Hey All So I just finished my SECOND session! So did anyone know how small Thatcher, AZ was? Because I did not! The wonderful Campus of Eastern Arizona and all of its facilities is at least 2 minutes apart from each other, 5 minutes maybe in a hurricane.. But seriously this campus was tiny, but almost a diamond in the rough because it was perfect for EFY! This session was fantastic, it was sad not having my first kids, but I loved my new kids all the same. What i love in particular is that they were all completely different, and by the end they were great friends. I know my sessions are only going to get better and better! Watch out Ephraim, because Counselor Kim is coming to town! :)

SO! A New Week= New Kids + New Co Co's!!
This is Alan
This is Jennifer! I love them both! They are both RM's and full of knowledge and greatness! They taught me so much and were so dang AWESOME!
Alan and I loved taking pictures together!
We met in Flagstaff, and so duh, of course we were STOKED to be Co Co's!
When Alan found out we were Co's He came and jumped on me! Like full on while i was in my sunday clothes! We knew this week would be full of greatness! And Jen was our cherry to complete us! :)

Let us commence with The Banner and Cheer off! This is the beginning of our flag, done by lovely Red head Lauren, Brown hair Niki and Small Adorable Jeremiah!
This was the Finished Project! and YES we won the Banner Competition! CHOOSE LIBERTY forever strong. I think we had a handicap due to 4th of July weekend but we will take it!
Practicing for the Cheer off!
Performing the cheer! We didnt win but my kids were still Awesome!
Game Night-- Yes I made my kids do a jumping picture because I LOVE jumping pictures so much! Am I mean!? I hope not! :)
Some of my girls going to Game night! Love them!!
Some of Jen's Girls in my Company! Arn't they adorable!
Pizza Night! GIrls love talking about COWS! I swear, it makes me so happy, young loves! All My 14 and 15 year olds loved having crushes on the older guys! Like....
On DAN! The BC, He was the Top Contender for Thatcher in the COW status! Granted he is adorable and sings, and is the NICEST person alive, I had to get a picture to show my girls. They all said, KIM Email us that picture! Dorks?! YES! haha WE love you Dan! ( try not to blush).

SERVICE!! Same Service Project as before! My kids had so much fun!

I found this Youth coloring on the floor and had to snap a photo with his cute self and his RAD glasses! Awesome.. YES!

More Service = More Love!
Taking our last pictures with my girls! They are all such Foxes! Love them!

Secret: While at EFY i love wearing Red Lip Stick! It makes me so happy! So my girls got a hold of it and wanted to wear it too! Am i silly for loving this picture, because I SO DO!

Ending things right with a beautiful pictures of some of our girls and my lovely co co Jennifer! I loved Thatcher and loved my kids and my Co's! I cant wait to continue and and have so much more fun, and continue serving the Lord and his Youth! I feel so Blessed! :) Love you all!


Mckenzi said...

Kim love are you kidding me!! I am so happy/ jealous! I always wanted to be an efy counselor im sooooo envious, how cool! Ahh and you would be my dream sista counselor, serious no one is more perfect than you for that! Spiritual, BEEEEautiful, funny and so outgoing, it was probably love at first sight for your girls just like it was for me:) Im so glad you are having fun livin the dream!

Madison said...

AGGGGHHH I wish I was there! I miss EFY! Why am I so stupid and only did two sessions?! I miss your face Kimothy!

RatalieNose said...

Oh sister, you are so good at life!
I am going to miss you SO MUCH during the next month!!!

Lindsay and Dano said...

Kim!!! I just found your blog! You look like you are having so much fun! I miss your cute self!

Bekah Jennings said...

Hey! Andy's cousins Ashlyn and Macy are in that last picture, and Macy is in another one. Were they in your group?

Vanessa and Kevin said...

Dat red lipstick is hot!!!!

LeSueur's said...

So I definately wish you were my counselor when I was at EFY!