Monday, August 17, 2009

Ephraim Take two!

Ephraim week 2! Sorry all it has been forever but I am finally finding time to write about my last three sessions, starting with the second Ephraim one!
Meet Scott! Scott was an AMAZING co co! We met our first week of Ephraim right before our Sunday night Fireside. We played this game with a styrofoam cup. Lets just say we were best buds at first sight!
Our children always wanted us to love each other so we took funny pictures on the last day!
He is Basically amazing! Not to mention incredibly handsome. We got along so well and he taught me so much! What an inspiration is all i have to say!

These were are boys of the week! All completely handsome and wonderful!

And of course my beautiful girls! We all loved each other!

Meet Jill! She had a rad Dance move we would always do! She is amazing!

Meet Jon! He was Asian and amazing, We sang the Theme Song together on the first night, and boy does he have some pipes! Loved him!

This is Sam, Not one of my children but he would love to play the guitar and sing and he was incredible! I couldnt help but listen every time i heard him! We rocked out to Jack Johnson on his Guitar.
I am a proud Parent! This is Ashtyn playing her amazing song she wrote in the Variety show! What a darling girL!
Scott and I also loved to dance together! Any chance we got we would waltz around! He used to do ballroom so of course he is a champ at dancing! I felt like a princess every time I got to dance with him.
Oh LINDI! She is my Australian friend who I met and LOVED! We got along so well and even roomed together for a couple nights in Cedar City, She is a doll, Just don't ask about Australia, she gets annoyed easily of it! :) Love ya RANCIE!
Tambri and Dani! Loved these girls! THis is between classes and we were all chatting in the hallways before class started! I loved them!
Only Bad thing about Ephraim 2 was my friend Charly got me sick! I lived off This crap medicine, but i got well by the end of the week! The only bad thing is that Scott and I were both sick this week so we would love to share medicine and sleeping tips to one another to keep each other going!
ALWAYS blowing my nose! My girls thought it was hilarious how much tissue i went through and how sometimes I sound like an Elephant when I sneeze.. Oh well! Oh the Best was sticking tissue up my nose to stop the drainage! Forever will I be indebted to Capri Dewitt for showing me the greatness of tissue in the nose! Scott always told me it looked attractive. haha Sarcastically of course.. but its ok!

The last night was AMAZING! I was so hyper and wanted ice cream so i had all of my girls come in my room and we had ice cream sundaes and sang Disney musical songs at the top of lungs until after lights out! We were on a roll it was MAGICAL! :)

Ta Ta Ephraim! We are off to Cedar City! :)


Lindsey Layton said...

That looks like SO MUCH FUN! I'm glad you're loving it :o)

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Madison said...

oh my word your coco was babelicious. ow ow. i miss your face. and i am pretty much dying because i wanted to do more efy!

Scott Halle said...

Oh I miss the good ol' days! How is the queen doing?