Monday, August 17, 2009


Meet JASON! :) He is Hilarious, and wanted to Start our Monday off together with a Prison like photo. He is amazing..

Here is the Legit, first Kim and Jason Duo photo of the week, We are sporting out Salmon Shirts Stunningly right..

Enough Said..

Girls of the Week! Love them!

Our boys gave us Roses on our last day! They are darling!

Dashing Gentlemen! I love them! They were so cute and they all loved each other.
This is Kellen! He is Tallan's best friends little brother, and what are the odds that i am his counselor when he came all the way from Arizona! Amazing huh!

This is Davy! Formerly known as David.. He was the cute boy of the week who I was always pulling away from the girls so our group could get places. Our davey.. We loved him

Beautiful Girls!

Jason and I wanted to match so We sported the Glasses on Thursday for dress up day

Dressing up on Thurdays! Love IT

My BC Brittney and I adore Jumping Pictures and Trying to show off for out Girls so Hence, The funny/ Weird Picture!

Anna used to Dance, I have always wanted to dance and so we had a splits competition!
This week I has two girls who were Ridiculously Tall! They are cousins and amazing! I loved them!

Meet Nate Needum, He was a BC and I always tried to gain him love after oh ya know, four weeks! I finally did and he took this fabulous picture with me!
I found a HOGI YOGI in CEDAR! This brings back memories from childhood! And hey Emily guess what kind of Milkshake that is?! haha I love me some Milkshakes! YUMM!
While our kids colored for Service We took pictures! Love the Counselors!
Our Boys Being straight silly

Since it was bloody hot in the gym Lindi and I decided to Fan Surf! It was so fun! and ridiculous but thats ok!
Final day with Jason! He is Handsome when he dresses up!
And ending it all with Kierstie Face! I love her!

Well Next Week is my last week then I am back in the AZ! :)


RatalieNose said...

Ooo you are such a babe!!
And so weird about that kid who knows Tallin!! Um can I please marry Davey????

Christina Eve Lewis said...

Kim, Kim, are so darn cute sometimes I just want to bite you!!!! I love your adorable self!!!

Bree and Bryce said...

Kim I love you! It was so fun seeing you this weekend. You look absolutely beautiful!